Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility

The Egyptian YouTheatre is committed to providing a program that fosters inclusion and equity in our teaching practices, celebrates and incorporates the diversity of our students in our classes and productions, and continually strives to increase the accessibility of our programming through script and space. We acknowledge that we are constantly learning and will make mistakes. We always promise to seek to be better and do better.

We embrace the following pillars in our effort to further our work in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility:

  • As educators, artists, and life-long students, we will continue to educate ourselves, and our students regarding the world they live in and how they can engage and inspire us all to see the world through another’s experience.
  • As an organization, we will challenge each other and those in our community to lean into our discomfort in an effort to provide learning, inclusion and understanding to all we serve.
  • As an organization that utilizes the arts to educate, we acknowledge our own fallibility. We will lean into the discussions and actions which will bridge our understanding and increase our awareness.
  • As an organization and member of a greater community, we acknowledge that the journey toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility takes time and is never finished. We know that mistakes will be made, and we will own them. We acknowledge our accountability to our students, staff, donors, and community, and therefore pledge always to learn how to do better and be better.