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Egyptian YouTheatre returns to the main Egyptian Theatre stage for our summer musical! A comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darknes...


The Egyptian YouTheatre program is based on the premise that participating in an arts program is an important aspect in the growth of every child, and that this education should be offered to all children for free. Through the creativity, discipline, and teamwork of being part of a production, our students are instilled with confidence, an appreciation for the performing arts, and life skills for navigating obstacles to achieve their ambitions.

We think theatre is a ton of fun, but we also know how important it is to your kids’ development as people! Drama education, more than other art forms, allows kids to learn to engage with the world by learning to communicate and relate to others through storytelling. We’ll play pretend, put on costumes, and learn how to tell stories, but we will also learn how to be whole, healthy, and creative human beings.

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With the generous support of a private donor and our Pharaoh Club members, Egyptian YouTheatre is a high-quality performing arts training program offering FREE classes, camps, and productions for ages 5-18 in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

We offer an array of camps, workshops, and productions for kids to enter and learn about the wonderful world of theatre. With options like Puppetry, Silly Shakespeare, Improv, Radio Drama, Musical Theatre and Play Productions, and everything in between, there is something for everyone entering grades Kindergarten and up!

Students will learn the fundamentals of theatre and performance through active and engaging theatre games and activities. From learning how to work as an ensemble to effectively using voice and movement to create characters, participants will have fun, gain self-confidence and social skills, and act their little hearts out!

“If you take a child to the theater, not only will they practice empathy, they might also laugh uproariously, or come home singing about science, or want to know more about history, or tell you what happened at school today, or spend all dinner discussing music, or learn how to handle conflict, or start becoming future patrons of the arts.”

Lauren Gunderson 

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